Full car servicing list

At Victoria Volkswagen we carry out a thorough inspection when you book your car into us for a premium service.

Below we have provided a detailed checklist of the work that will be carried out on your vehicle.

Our services are

  • Scan ECU, Airbags and ABS System
  • Check bodywork
  • Carry out pre/post service road test
  • Check interior and exterior lights
  • Check boot light
  • Check mirrors and number plates
  • Check operation/condition of washers and wipers
  • Check horn operation
  • Check handbrake
  • Check air conditioning (if applicable)
  • Check condition of auxiliary drive belts
  • Check coolant hoses for condition and leakage
  • Check handbrake
  • Check anti freeze – strength and level
  • Check brake fluid
  • Check all levels battery, power steering
  • Check battery terminals
  • Replace air filter*
  • Replace fuel filter*
  • Change oil and filter engine
  • Check exhaust system
  • Check shock absorbers
  • Replace spark plugs*
  • Check/Replace pollen filter (if applicable)
  • Check steering and drive shaft gaiters
  • Check link arms
  • Check ball joints
  • Check and report on tyres – check and set pressures
  • Check fuel lines/fuel filter (if applicable)
  • Check brake pipes
  • Check pan bushes
  • Check roll bar bushes
  • Check suspension bushes
  • Check all wheel trims (if applicable)
  • Check front and rear brakes

*when required